Class Description

Do you like art and calligraphy? Then this is the class for you! Come explore with me about embroidery and intersections with calligraphy. You will learn how to create square kufic calligraphy, satin stitch for Diwani jali calligraphy, and you will explore connections to other artistic traditions such as Palestinian Tatreez. Grab your favorite color thread and needle and join me in class!

Day & Time

Mondays at 5:00pm CST

June 6th-July 4th

This class is only for teens 12-17 years old 

*Please note: Participants must attend live sessions. Classes are not recorded.

Required Materials

The following is a list of materials you will need for this class, plus the link where to purchase the item. These are just suggestions, you can purchase the items for other stores:

1. 14 count Aida cloth - Please use a light colored Aida cloth for beginners, no black or navy blue. 

(This can also be purchased at fabric stores)

2. Size 8 Pearl Cotton Thread Ball

(The thread can be in whatever color you like, but it must be different from the background Aida cloth)

3. Embroidery Needles Sizes 1-5

4. You can also use any cotton or linen fabric you have. This is optional but can be useful: 

Embroidery hoops

10 or 14 count Waste canvas 

Registration Fee



Whittni Brown

Ustadha Whittni Brown-Abdullah is a visual arts educator for students in grades K-12. She is also an ongoing student of the Islamic arts and sciences, studying for ijazahs at both the Ribaat Academic Institute and most recently, the Deen Arts Foundation for Islamic calligraphy and fine arts. She is most known for writing under the pen name of W.B. Abdullah for her spiritual travelogue-themed blog, The Sandal, as well as her former book reviews and articles in magazines such as Azizah and Discover. Formally trained in Art Education and International Affairs, Whittni is also a homeschooling mom who completed a graduate degree in social emotional learning, and is completing an educational leadership degree. She resides in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and believes in the life-changing power of beautiful writing…by word, pen, and art.