Class Description

Women Who Set the Stage: Sahabiyat in Action brings to life eight sahabiyat, their cultures, and their relationships with both the Prophet ﷺ and those who came after them. Students will meet the fiery Nusaybah bint Ka’ab, the patient Al-Shifa, and the martyred Umm Waraqa, among others.  

As much as we understand that Islam empowers and liberates women, many girls do not know the very first Muslim women, detached from this knowledge. We may live in places where women’s participation is discouraged, women are disparaged, and young women are consequently disappointed. This class will begin to familiarize students with the atmosphere at the time of the Prophet , looking into lives of some of the sahabiyat, opening their eyes to the many and varied roles women played and were encouraged to play by the Prophet ﷺ and the Khulafa Al Rashideen.  

Class Outline

Week 1: 

Introduction and Fatima bint Asad - We will embark on a journey back in time to the days of Prophet Muhammad in Mecca and Medina. We'll get to know the incredible story of Fatima bint Asad, a truly amazing and strong woman. She played a crucial role in the Prophet's life as she raised him when he was a child. Not only was she one of the earliest believers in his message, but she also remained a significant part of his life until her passing. Through her inspiring story, we'll discover the importance of family, faith, and the deep connections that shaped the Prophet's journey. Get ready to be amazed by the history and wisdom of this remarkable woman!

Week 2: 

Umm Salamah - We will have the exciting opportunity to discover the incredible journey of Umm Salama. We'll start by exploring her early life, when she was known as Hind bint Abi Umayya, and learn about her strong connection to her faith even before Islam's arrival. As we delve into history, we'll follow her footsteps during the hijra, the special journey of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ to Medina, where Umm Salama's bravery and dedication shine through. Lastly, we'll uncover the story of the retreat enactment, where Umm Salama's wisdom played a vital role in shaping important decisions. Get ready for an adventure filled with inspiring stories of courage, faith, and determination! 

Week 3: 

Al-Shifa bint Abdullah and Nusaybah bint Ka’ab - We'll dive into the inspiring story of Al-Shifa bint Abdullah, known for her wisdom and nurturing spirit. We'll explore her role as a loving mother and a dedicated teacher, and how she used her healing abilities with the Prophet's encouragement. Then, we'll uncover the adventurous tale of Nusaybah bint Ka’ab, whose fiery personality made her stand out. We'll learn about her heroic actions during the Battle of Uhud and her unwavering devotion to her faith. Get ready to be inspired by stories of strength, kindness, and bravery that these incredible women bring to life!

Week 4:

Umm Sulaym and Asma bint Yazid - We'll uncover the story of Umm Sulaym, a remarkable woman known for her strength and bravery. We'll learn about how she stood up for her rights regarding dowry and how she raised her son with love and courage. We'll also delve into her role during a significant battle, where her unwavering spirit shone brightly. Then, we'll discover the life of Asma bint Yazid, celebrated for her frankness and determination. Her journey will inspire us to persist in our dreams, just like she did for women's rights. We'll also explore her contributions during battles and her role in preserving the teachings of the Prophet ﷺ with over 80 hadiths. Get ready to be inspired by the remarkable stories of these two extraordinary women!

Week 5: 

Umm Waraqa and Rufaida Al-Aslamia - We'll start by exploring the life of Umm Waraqa, a trailblazer who broke stereotypes by becoming a muazzan, the person who calls for prayers from the mosque's minaret. We'll discover how she was active in the market and how her faith led her to stand up for justice. We'll also learn about Rufaida Al-Aslamia, a compassionate figure known for her nursing skills. Her story will teach us about the importance of caring for others and the role of kindness in our lives. Get ready to be inspired by the bravery and kindness of these extraordinary women!

Class Activity Materials: 

Six things equal length (such as butter knives, pencils, crayons, pens, etc.)

Required Book

"Stars in the Prophet’s Orbit" by Asma Tabaa’

You can purchase the book here

Class Day & Time

Wednesdays 5:00pm - 6:00pm CST

Session dates: September 27th - October 25th

*Please note: Participants must attend live sessions. Classes are NOT recorded. 

Refund Policy

Once the session begins, NO refunds are issued.

Women Who Set the Stage: Sahabiyat in Action

Meets once a week for one hour (5-week session)


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