Class Description

Take a journey into learning how the universe was created complete and whole by Allah's will and with no imperfection, and discover a new perspective on the power of God and how trusting that just as He is providing for everything in the heavens and earth, He is ever present in our lives providing comfort, security, and safety, enabling us to actualize tawakkul, or trust in Him. Through this we will find absolute liberation and comfort knowing we are safe in the Hands of our Beloved Creator. 

This class will help students see the Quran as a friend, guiding them, encouraging them, and leading them to trust in Allah. Surah Al Mulk has many messages relevant to teens today, and will be presented in a way that they can make it applicable to them, and bring them closer to the Quran. 

Class Outline

Week 1: Introduction and Chapter 1 

We'll delve into the fascinating concept that Allah is the Creator of absolutely everything. Through engaging stories and thought-provoking discussions, we'll learn how everything around us, from the tiniest ant to the vast universe, is a creation of Allah's infinite wisdom and power. Get ready to be amazed as we unravel the mysteries of creation and deepen our understanding of the Kingdom of Allah!

Week 2: Chapter 2 

This chapter will take us on a fascinating exploration of forgiveness and the rewards that await those who are mindful of Allah. We'll discover how being conscious of our actions and seeking forgiveness leads to blessings. Get ready to uncover the beautiful concepts of mercy, kindness, and the abundant rewards that come from a heart devoted to Allah's teachings!

Week 3: Chapter 3 

We'll delve into the concept that Allah is not only aware of what is visible to us, but also of what is hidden from our eyes. We'll explore how Allah's ever-watchful presence encourages us to be our best selves at all times, whether in public or in private. Through examples, we'll gain a deeper understanding of how our actions, both apparent and hidden, are always within Allah's knowledge. Get ready to be inspired by the idea that our Creator is with us every step of the way, guiding us towards goodness and righteousness!

Week 4: Chapter 4 and 5 

These chapters will inspire us to make the most of every moment for the sake of Allah, emphasizing the importance of using our time in meaningful and productive ways. We'll also discover the powerful lesson of leaving our worries about provisions and outcomes in Allah's capable hands. We'll understand how trusting in Allah's plan brings peace and tranquility to our hearts. Get ready to embrace the idea that each second spent in Allah's path counts and that He takes care of all our needs with His boundless mercy!

Week 5: Chapter 6 

This chapter will guide us in understanding the concept of relying solely on Allah. Through engaging discussions, we'll learn the importance of placing our trust in Allah's wisdom and power, knowing that He is the ultimate provider and protector. We'll discover how this reliance can bring peace to our hearts and minds, helping us navigate life's challenges with courage and patience. Get ready to embrace the idea of putting our complete trust in Allah and experiencing the blessings that come from a heart devoted to Him!

Class Activity Materials: 

Pen/pencil/colored pencils

Required Book

"The Kingdom of God: A Fully Illustrated Commentary on Surah Al Mulk" by Asim Khan

You can purchase the book here

Class Day & Time

Mondays 6:00pm - 7:00pm CST

Session dates: September 25th - October 23rd

*Please note: Participants must attend live sessions. Classes are NOT recorded. 

Refund Policy

Once the session begins, NO refunds are issued.

In the Hands of My Beloved: A Study of Surah Al-Mulk

Meets once a week for one hour (5-week session)


Farhana Yunus

Dr. Farhana Yunus is a mother of 4 boys and 1 girl, an optometrist, and has completed the Ribaat Teacher Certification through the Ribaat Academic Institute. She has taught clinical nutrition at St. Mathews medical school. She loves teaching and empowering young boys and girls as both a Boyscout and Girlscout troop leader. In her free time, she loves to travel, read, go fishing, kayak, and try new recipes. If she could have any superpower it would be to fly (which is interesting because she is afraid of heights).