RabaTEENS: online courses & community to engage, inspire, and connect teen girls.

Spiritual Upbringing

RabaTEENS is a nurturing space for deep and meaningful Islamic spiritual mentorship, with compassionate and caring mentors. Fun, creative, and positive educational experiences to help teens grow confidently and comfortably into their faith.

Nurture Muslim Identity

RabaTEENS helps teens navigate life's peaks and roadblocks with grace and clarity by giving them tools and knowledge of ways the Prophet (s) and his companions utilized in their lives. Activities and discussions help establish a strong relationship with Allah and nurture teens' Muslim identities for them to build upon throughout their lives.

Connection with Mentors

RabaTEENs courses are highly requested by the teens and taught by instructors qualified in the space: doctors, musicians, architects, scholars, coaches, and more. It’s a space of openness and trust for teens to ask questions and develop a connection with real-life women who have a deep love for Allah and His Prophet (s).

Compassionate Friendships

RabaTEENS enrich the lives of teens with a community of Muslim women and teens who they can confide in and be inspired by. RabaTEENS provides an opportunity to form friendships with love and compassion, extending to every corner of the world in this dunya and lasting to the akhira.

Rabateens Learning Track

Rabateens offers a wide selection of classes that include topics like Islamic Sciences, Arts & Crafts, Cooking, and so much more!

RabaTEENS Gallery

Browse the artistic works of the students from various RabaTEENS classes.


I loved how anse Nishat was always so energetic for every class, making it much more engaging. I also really appreciated the time she took to explain why we were doing different types of thikr and the stories she shared that helped keep everything in perspective and also made the class more interesting to listen to. She showed us a very real and do-able approach to thikr and ibada and highlighted all the benefits of how it helps us in our daily lives, so i think this class was immensely helpful.

I loved this class because Anse Rima talked about all these topics in a way that made it seem a lot less awkward.

I loved the breathing exercises and singing practice, how we all learnt to be confident by hearing each other sing and overcoming insecurities about our voices

It was a very fun and cooperative environment, and yet it was challenging in a good way and I learned so much. I'm a drummer now!!!

It allowed me to explore my creative side and brought me back into art!

I loved making connections from our daily lives to the lives of the Prophets.

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