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Class Description

Ramadan is coming soon! Are you ready? In this class we will prepare ourselves for this month mentally, spiritually, and physically. 

Learn all you need to know about the rules of fasting, keeping healthy while fasting, and ensuring balanced nutrition. We will also discuss how to make your Ramadan a special time for you, your family and friends, and your relationship with Allah (SWT). 

Class Outline

Week 1: Ramadan Prep

This session will help us to get in gear and feel prepared for Ramadan. We will cover how to make time in our busy schedules for a blessed month, truly feel the Ramadan spirit, and benefit to the utmost while managing our other responsibilities. 

Week 2: Fiqh of Fasting

This session will guide students through a quick overview of the fiqh of fasting. We will cover the reward and place of fasting in Islam, specific rulings regarding Ramadan, actions that are required, recommended, or to be avoided during fasting, and what to do about menstruation during Ramadan. 

Week 3: Ramadan Memories 

In this session we will discuss ways to make this a memorable Ramadan. We will go over ways to increase the blessing and benefit of the month not only for ourselves, but also extend to our families and communities.

Week 4: Ramadan Reflections & Rewards 

As we near the last ten nights of Ramadan, this session will help to ensure that we are reaping the utmost reward. We will cover ways to benefit from every moment, how to increase our worship, types of worship we can try, and the blessing of Laylat al-Qadr. We will close by reflecting on the month and what we have achieved this Ramadan.

Class Activity Materials


Required Book


Class Day & Time

Sundays 3:30 - 4:30 pm CST 

Session dates: March 3rd - 24th 

This class is for teen girls ages 12-17 years old 

*Please note: Participants must attend Zoom live sessions. Classes are NOT recorded.

Certificate of Participation

A certificate of participation will be given to students who complete the class.

Refund Policy

Once the session begins, NO refunds are issued. 

Let's Get Ramadan Ready!

Meets once a week for one hour (4-week session)


Director of Education Anse Eamaan Rabbat

Anse Eamaan Rabbat was raised in the United States and in Syria, where she benefited from renowned female teachers of the Islamic sciences, including tajwid, sirah, hadith, fiqh, and aqīdah. After moving to the United Arab Emirates, she earned her Bachelor’s in Mass Communications with concentrations in Advertising and Journalism and later earned a Master’s in Educational Leadership and Administration. Since graduating university, she has dedicated her time to the education and upbringing of children and adults. She has held various positions in educational institutions and schools, and volunteered at various educational centers. She has been honored to serve as director of the Ribaat Academic Institute since its inception in Fall 2013 and presently serves as Rabata's Education Director.