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Class Description

Ramadan Reflections is a unique course designed to nurture happiness and a positive mindset during the holy month. This program blends Islamic teachings with practical well-being strategies, focusing on:

Gratitude & Savoring: Learning to appreciate life's blessings inspired by the Quranic message of thankfulness, and mindfulness and appreciation for life's simple joys. 

Optimism: Cultivating a hopeful outlook with the reminder that "Allah is with us". 

Kindness: Encouraging acts of kindness, reflecting Allah's love for compassion. 
Forgiveness: Exploring the liberating power of forgiveness as encouraged in Islam. 

This course is a space to explore these concepts through interactive and reflective sessions, tailored to empower with a sense of well-being and spiritual connection. Join us to discover the unique path to happiness, guided by faith and positive psychology!  

Class Outline

Week 1: Gratitude and Savoring

Discover the transformative power of gratitude in enhancing life's appreciation and joy through the Quranic insight, "If you are grateful, I will certainly give you more..." (Quran 14:7). Embrace the present moment and life's simple joys, guided by the contemplation, "Have you considered the water you drink?" (Quran 56:68) to enrich daily experiences. 

Week 2: Optimism

Learn to cultivate a hopeful perspective, fostering resilience and positivity in life's challenges through tawakkul. 

Week 3: Kindness 

Explore the happiness found in acts of kindness, reflecting on the hadith "Allah is Kind and loves kindness..." (Sahih Muslim) and its impact on personal well-being and community connections.

Week 4: Forgiveness 

Unlock the liberating power of forgiveness, as encouraged by "But whoever pardons and seeks reconciliation, then their reward is with Allah..." (Quran 42:40) to foster peace and emotional well-being.

Class Activity Materials


Required Book


Class Day & Time

Saturdays 1:00 - 2:00 pm CST 

Session dates: March 9th - 30th 

This class is for teen girls ages 12-17 years old 

*Please note: Participants must attend Zoom live sessions. Classes are NOT recorded.

Certificate of Participation

A certificate of participation will be given to students who complete the class.

Refund Policy

Once the session begins, NO refunds are issued. 

Ramadan Reflections: A Journey to Happiness and Positivity

Meets once a week for one hour (4-week session)


Anse Dana Nass

Anse Dana Nass is a dedicated educator who has a passion for empowering Muslim youth to become the best versions of themselves. Anse Dana has a B.S. degree in Arabic Literature from Damascus University and a Master's degree of Science in Psychology from Grand Canyon University. In addition, she studied traditional Islamic Studies directly from famous scholars in Damascus and Rabata. She received her ijāzah in the Hafs recitation of the Quran and an ijāzah in the Forty Hadith of Imam Nawawi. While serving as a board member and educational director for seven years at the Islamic Center of Northeast Valley, she led the Sunday School and numerous successful women and youth programs in empowerment, mental health support, religious identity, mentorship, community outreach, and interfaith groups. She is a co-founder of a non-profit organization, Grow Together, working to establish a mentoring relationship with young people in foster care who are disconnected from their faith community. Anse Dana loves coffee and crocheting while enjoying the beautiful view of Arizona skies.